Clay Tiles - Mexican Pavers - Regular Saltillo

Mexican pavers, whether for the inside or outside or even the driveway area, are beautiful tiles which are made from natural clays that create a rustic terra cota product. These tiles can be used on walls, floors, countertops and even outdoors. Mexican pavers date back hundreds of years and have been installed in almost every thinkable application. Having been manufactured from natural raw materials, Mexican pavers continue to be one of the most reliable finished materials offered. Whether a designer is decorating your Spanish Estate or you are upgrading your first modest property, Mexican pavers serve as a wonderful tile that brings warmth and fashion to any environment. Regular Saltillo Tiles, in their natural form, offer rich and colorful variations ranging from a subtle reddish-orange to a wispy yellow. The Regular Saltillo tiles are also known for their straight edges giving it a true raw look. With the right realer applied, these tiles can go from a raw, natural look to a fully glazed appearance. Come visit our Ventura showroom to see any of these beautiful tiles in person.