We started back in 2002 in the historic landmark that was previously known as the "Mission Bell Cafe".  It was a small showroom with no more than a few feet to spare for a walkway between the numerous selections of tile and glass on display. We then moved to a full size showroom with even more to choose from and a fully stocked warehouse. Now, with our final move, you can find us in a beautiful showroom with the traditional wall and rack displays and a design center feel. With countertop vignettes, a tub surround, shower displays and interactive media, you will be sure to find the perfect material for your project. 


     Being that we are family owned & operated we started our venture with one goal in mind; to offer superior and genuine customer service to every person that walked through our doors.  Whether it be a few pieces of tile to match an existing area or a full home remodel, we believe every customer deserves our time and attention. We understand full well the stress that our clients go through during a remodel which is why we make every effort to insure clear communication as to prevent unnecessary complications. We use our broad knowledge & understanding of interior design as well as construction means and methods to take our clients projects from an idea to a finished product of beauty. We also have a well rounded portfolio that includes small residential to full scale commercial installations. So whether it be a project for your home or for your clients, we hope you make Tile Encounters your showroom of choice.