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The 3iE™ is the world′s first fully-interactive thermostat with touch technology and energy monitoring for radiant heating. Warmup′s proprietary innovation is more than just a pretty face! The advanced energy monitoring feature helps you save money by periodically recommending ideal temperature adjustments. It′s that smart. You can own a product that you will be proud to display on your wall. In black, silver, white, cream, blue, green, purple or pink! 

  • Innovation. We offer the first floor heating thermostat with a high definition full-color touch screen that frankly, we should have named “i-something”. The large back-lit display offers an easy-to-use interface designed by end-users for end-users: no cryptic icons, just plain English or one of the 10 languages available. It comes pre-programmed with recommended temperature settings based on the room type.
  • Interactive. The clear graphical display allows for easy comfort adjustments. The thermostat can be used as a floor temperature sensor, air temperature sensor or both, depending on your objective. You can also personalize it with up to seven screen themes and 10 languages to choose from, all pre-loaded.
  • Intelligent. The 3iE recommends ideal settings based on past performance. It′s like having your own personal heating advisor! It will literally propose dollars-and-cents cost saving opportunities.
  • Energy Efficient. It automatically adjusts to changing external conditions to give optimal start-up times = no wasted energy. The AEM (Active Energy Management) feature prompts you to choose the best and most efficient temperature in each room so that you can save up to 10% on your energy bills right away.

Designed exclusively by Warmup, the 3iE™ is the world's first fully interactive, touch technology, energy monitor thermostat. Featuring advanced energy monitoring, the Warmup 3iE™ allows you to view actual graphs of your recorded energy consumption against costs. That means you know exactly what your underfloor heating running costs are.