Warehouse - Warmup


The comfort and luxury of radiant heating — made easy and affordable! Warmup® underfloor home heating systems offer an efficient source of electric radiant heat for your home and the advanced design allows for an element is as thin as a nickel, so it will not affect floor levels. Warmup's versatile range of systems go where you need it, so you can fit it into bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, sun rooms or any other room in your house that deserves the comfort of floor heating. The flexible design of our radiant heating systems makes it easy to work around existing fixtures or cramped floor layouts and installing electric floor heating takes only a few hours. 


Why Choose Warmup?

Install a Warmup Matting or Loose Wire floor heating system to take the chill off stone and tile floors, or to heat your whole space!

  • Variety - Unlike other radiant floor companies, you have choices. Warmup provides a Loose Wire System that is ideal for quick and easy installation in cramped or irregular shaped areas. Their Matting Systems are pre-applied on a tough fiberglass mesh with a super sticky tape for secure installation. Ideal for large, regularly shaped rooms.
  • Easy to Install - Whether you choose our loose wire or matting systems, these products are designed to be easy enough for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Just roll & go!
  • Highest Quality Materials - You get what you pay for. With Warmup wires you have the confidence knowing that their wires are the toughest, with a sturdy Teflon coating that allows for the quickest heat-up time in the industry. Faster heat up times = less energy used = money saved.
  • Won′t raise floor levels - Warmup takes the best wires and puts them into a 1/8” thin package that won′t interfere with your design objectives. Wires are TEFLON coated for durability and produce no measurable EMF.
  • Options - Available in both 120V and 240V.