Yorkwood Manor, Deep Walnut

Yorkwood Manor, Deep Walnut


Bring the look of New England’s historic homes and barns into any setting with Yorkwood Manor tile. These porcelain tiles elegantly recreate the intricate detailing of reclaimed wood with deliberate cracked paint and water stain detailing. Richly inspired and filled with character, Yorkwood Manor adds beauty and a sense of history to any space. A rustic sophistication replicates the authentic look of painted and aged floors with Reveal Imaging technology. Intricate detailing including water stains and wood striations produce a unique, rustic look that's truly one of a kind.

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Product Info:

Material: Porcelain

Finish: -

Edge Style: Straight

Shade Variation: V4

Country of Origin: USA

*Unit size: See below

Unit type: Tile

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Available Sizes:


Available Trim: