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Travertine Tiles - Walnut

Travertine tiles come in a wide variety of colors and hues which are primarily based on where the material is quarried and what the mountain is producing at that time. "Walnut" is a widely used terminology for travertine that is a mixture of lighter and darker hues. It typically has a warmer feel than its sister colors noce and ivory and is good for and space that needs that perfect blend of the lighter and darker colors.  While all natural stone has color range, noce travertine is similar to ivory in that it has less movement than other colors. This beautiful stone is available in a wide variety of finishes including Filled and Honed, Tumbled, Brushed and Chiseled, polished, and vein-cut. Come visit our Ventura showroom to see these tiles in person and take home a sample to see how it works with your space.       


(VN4) Warm Walnut Versailles Pattern


Come visit our showroom to see these beautiful tiles in person plus so much more!